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Monday, March 5, 2012

Elder Warren Has Been a Great Blessing in My Life

President, thank you very much for letting Elder Warren be my companion. He's been a great blessing in my life...Obedience has been giving great blessings.



We are gathered here today to remember my old companion, Elder Warren. He went back to the mission home today, and he'll leave at 7:30 tomorrow morning for his (soon to be) home in Draper, Utah. He's moving soon after he gets back home. It was a good run with him, and I'm glad he was my companion in Collierville. The picture where he looks like a depressed drunk was taken last night. Don't worry, it's creme soda. He had a good run on his mission, with many wonderful new friends. Makes me kinda jealous, really!

The family we have been teaching did not show up for church this week. We hadn't seen them at all last week, so it's kinda our fault that they didn't show. We texted them if they were coming, and they were busy, so I guess they wouldnt've come anyway. Ah well... I'm making it a big point to get with them this week.

Right now, I'm in a tri-panionship with the Walnut Grove Elders, Arizonan Elder Jarvis and British Elder Owen. It's gonna be a great 3 days! I'm gonna be with them until I find out who my new companion is on Wednesday afternoon.

I'm still staying in Collierville, by the way. A whole bunch of areas are being swapped around here, though. Many new openings and white-washings. Ever since the Zone Conference, it feels like our mission is getting a complete overhaul. We're the first mission...probably in the WORLD to be given these new standards of missionary work. That is, not to knock on doors, and to find investigators through members. Street contacting is still needed, don't get me wrong. Door-knocking, especially here in Memphis, is just a waste of time. Pretty weird, huh?

Strangely, since this new push was issued, many members have been sharing with us their friends' names that are very interested in our church's beliefs. The work is going to be much more sturdy this way. New converts need friends. What better friends can we give them than the ones that are already there? FUTURE MISSIONARIES, this is the work of the future of the church. Take it to heart, and learn from it. The church needs to constantly strengthen both its members, new and old.

I'll let you guys know who my new companion is next week. I honestly have no idea who it could be. Like I said, most everyone's being shifted around. Be safe in all the snow I hear you guys got! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


-Elder Staib

OH RIGHT. We had a ceremonial suit-burning. That is, a 6-month-old missionary burns a tie. A 12-month-old burns a shirt. A 18-month-old burns pants. A 24-month-old burns a whole suit. Elder Owen hit his 6-month mark last week, as well as Elder Jarvis with his 18-month mark, and Elder Warren with his 24-month mark. Elder Warren swapped the suit pants for a shirt, so we had the WHOLE COLLECTION to burn. We burned it on a grill in someone's backyard. Fun times! :3

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