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Monday, April 2, 2012

Great Conference Weekend

Hey everyone.

Conference was incredible. I received so much personal revelation, and there were many great messages! I wrote as much as I could in my journal about what I learned on the priesthood and families. Particularly, Elder Eyring's talk from the Priesthood session really hit me. He said something to the effect of "Every step we take in the gospel leads to eternal families." It really made me think of what a blessing it is to be born into this church, and to have a righteous family that attends church and prays every night.

It also made me so excited to have my own family; to bring to Earth God's children and raise them in the gospel. It's such a big blessing, straight from the get-go. I learned from a member one of the first weeks I came to Collierville that this is one of the largest blessings we can receive in this Earth life -- being born in the gospel. I'm eternally grateful for this gift, and I can't wait to share it with my progeny.

This last week was very frustrating. The Walnut Grove Elders had spent all of our car miles, and by the time we got back home from district meeting on Tuesday, we were 4 miles over our monthly limit. We basically hit another bike week. We're gonna have to talk to them about that. Also, the weather decided to skip spring, punch it in the face as it passed, and move on to summer. The weather has been consistently in  the 80s. It hit 90 yesterday! I'm not ready for this heat!

A couple ups and downs: Earlier this week I called a lady we had been teaching and asked when we could see her again. Something said to her husband by the member that we brought with us to visit them offended her greatly, and she doesn't want us to call for another few weeks. I was really distraught to hear this. She was smoothly going along, and then...poof. Gone. I hope the time can help heal wounds, and that the member will be willing to apologize to her. On the flip side, though, I received a text during the Saturday morning conference from the daughter of the family we taught that had moved from out of state. I was so excited to finally hear from her, and she was able to come to the Sunday morning session of conference! The reason we can't meet with her family often is because of HER work schedule, so we're going to be able to coordinate that a lot smoother now. That sure lit up my week.

Well, keep safe, everyone! Enjoy the spring weather, and I'll try to keep hydrated here. Sorry, not too many pictures this week. I momentarily lost my SD card. This keychain, though, came from a less-active member that said just "gets stuff". It reads, "Shelby County, Memphis, Tennessee" and has the county crest. Great memory for my first (and only) area, huh? : ) Also, read that street sign closely. First person who can pronounce it gets a dollar.

-Elder Staib

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