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Monday, October 1, 2012

Staying In West Memphis

First of all, I'm staying another transfer. I'll be in West Memphis for another 6 weeks, which makes my entire potential stay here a whopping 7.5 months. I'm glad I get to stay here for things like General Conference, my birthday, Halloween and a couple other events. I share the same birthday as a young boy in the branch, who is turning 8 this year. Elder Kowalk and I taught him the missionary lessons, on request of his parents, so that'll be a fun birthday bash!

I have mixed feelings about staying. On one hand, things might finally turn around, people will settle and see the ways the gospel can bless their lives, and I get to get to have more laughs with the people I've come to know and love here. On the other hand, not much has changed in the branch ever since I got here, and it feels like I'll be staying in the more difficult areas for most of my mission.

Nevertheless, I don't know why God keeps me here, but I know He does it for His wise purposes.

In terms of who my new companion might be, I have it from a pretty good source that it will be a missionary that already served here... until he got hit by an old lady while riding his bike, and he got smashed up so bad that he had to stay home to recuperate for 9 months. At least, that's the rumor, so we'll see how that goes. He got injured about mid-October of last year, right before I got into the field. He returned 2 months ago.

Today was a good day spent at the temple, the first time that Elder Mortensen attended the Memphis temple since he got into the mission. I got to see Elder Gerber and Elder Smith before they left and wish them well. They've been awesome missionaries.

The Fall's gotten off to a good start. I ate chili (prepared by a member) and pumpkin bread (prepared by my mother~) for lunch the other day. It was the perfect start. NOW all I need is an argyle sweater vest, and I'll be set! Quickly talking about wardrobes, I went through my tie collection the other day, and counted 50 ties in my possession. Tie-collecting is a very big thing over here, and it's fun to have so many outlandish patterns, designs and images that can be found nowhere else.

Well, I'll let you guys know next week who my new companion is. OH. I do know one thing: Elder Boyer (my brother-in-law's cousin) is going to be in my district. YES.

-Elder Staib

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