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Monday, August 5, 2013

Rebecca was Confirmed on Sunday

Let's see... This week was very simple. There were only a few important events that occurred, so I'll just fill in the rest of the details by saying that we drove everywhere and talked with a bunch of people. Those people made commitments and then didn't keep them. So that defines about 86% of our work this past week as far as time spent goes. But good things still happened, regardless.

The first good thing that happened was that I went GOLFING!

We went golfing last Monday! These are the zone leaders and some members from the Cabot ward, with whom we share a building.
Every missionary needs to golf at least once on their missions, and I finally got to do it. It was really freaky, though. The course is owned by a bunch of old people that live out in the country, and the moment we walked into the clubhouse, they started going through the rules and saying that the slightest deviation would mean being banned from the course. We went out to get our carts, and an older gentlemen got all of us to hear him say that any reckless driving would not be tolerated. He assured us that he would be mean if necessary as he rubbed the pocket that held his pistol. He was not shy about that pistol. Apparently, they'd never had a group of 20-year-olds come through that were Mormon before. I was a nervous wreck before we even made it to the first tee box, making sure that I wasn't breaking any rules or doing anything to get us yelled at.

It was a very fun time, though. I played decently and found strengths and weaknesses. Let's just say I'm good at popping the ball onto the green and getting it in the hole. I struggle at getting off the tee box, where I miserably shoot into the woods. Yup, I need practice.

Rebecca got confirmed yesterday. She is now completely Mormon, and she loves it. She's already come out with us to teach a neighbor of hers. I'll just say Rebecca is very eager to know that her baptism counted in heaven this time around. I was talking to Elder Merrill about Rebecca some time this week. Usually with missionaries, after someone is baptized into the church, you get really nervous that the ward will take good care of their new member and that there is a smooth transition from missionary to member. Elder Merrill and I aren't worried in the slightest about Rebecca. She's never leaving the fold.

Raccoon getting into some pet's water

And lastly, I'll talk about a family that's been visited by missionaries for a few months now. The parents' names are Faith and Marty, and they have an 8-year-old daughter named Maya that has some mental problems. Elder Carter and Elder Rushton found them in the spring. They're fun to be with and we love them a lot. This week, though, they need extra prayers.

I won't get into details, but the thing that is worrying the family the most is a court case coming up this Thursday. Marty is facing charges that might put him in jail for up to 6 years, even though he was only defending his family. We visited Faith and Marty on Friday and taught them how to fast, since it was fast Sunday yesterday. Marty had been hard-hearted since the missionaries had seen his family, but he has softened up so much these last few days. They're riding on faith right now, and any prayers on their behalf that the charges pressed against him will have minor consequences would be greatly appreciated by us and Faith and Marty.

We have another week ahead of us. We don't have too many solid people on our list, like I said, so we're still fishing for the elect. They'll come around soon, though.

-Elder Staib

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