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Monday, October 31, 2011

Final Day in the MTC

Thank you for the birthday presents everyone! I'll write more detailed letters on the plane. Today, though, is packing day, so I gotta get this email out there. They said we could email today since we're traveling tomorrow. Anyway, love you guys.


It's been almost 3 weeks since I entered the MTC. It seems like a blur. I hope I'm ready to serve the people of Little Rock in a way that is best for them. Our branch president, President Connors, gave us some pass-along cards yesterday. I took 15. It's our job to give them all away in 24 hours (from when we enter the SLC airport, I'm guessing). I'm extremely nervous. I can approach people that I know I'll have to be buddy-buddy with for a bit, but complete strangers are a different story. We'll see what happens, I guess.

I would love to begin uploading pictures, but the computers here in the MTC don't allow file browsing. So pictures will have to wait until I get out of here and use another computer.

My last few lessons ended pretty well. Birgitta was an inactive member that saw everyone in the church as a hypocrite. After just 2 lessons, we got her to go back to church. She was probably the best investigator we had, even though we didn't see her much. She had built up a huge wall against any reason to go to church, but through unexplainable amounts of Spirit bombs, we broke through. That was the most emotional lesson I had ever taught, seeing her for the first time.

The Maeser Journal that Jordan Bingham left with me (an MTC journal for Maeser graduates) will soon be passed on to Hyrum Decker, and after that is Nate Andersen. The legacy is moving onward.

I'll report back my work from my first week in Arkansas next P-Day (don't know when that is yet), and I'll be sure to put some pictures on there as well. After tomorrow, Dear Elders will have to be directed to the Little Rock Mission Office, so please do that.

Well, my laundry is done, and it'll be wrinkled if I don't hurry. Talk to y'all later! (Gotta start using that slang.)

-Elder Staib

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