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Monday, August 6, 2012

We Got a Lot of Referrals

Hey everybody.

Not too much to say about this week. Elder Smith and I got a lot of referrals. We've only taught a lesson to each of the ones who are interested, so I can't say much about how the people are going, but we have a few prospects that are looking good. 

Summer is thankfully winding down, so people will finally go back to their normal lives. Man, only two weeks left in the transfer... This one has been going by pretty fast. We're also on bikes again this week, so we have that to look forward to.

I've been hit with distressing information and depressing attitudes lately, so please keep me in your prayers, that I'll have the strength to continue sharing happiness with those around me. One thing that's helped me find a new strength in myself is a talk my sister Kristen gave me before I came out. It's titled, "You Know Enough", given by Elder Neil L. Andersen in the 2008 October Conference. It's a good one, and I'm grateful that I read it when I did.

Continue to enjoy the summer, and good luck with starting school, everyone! School here starts August 20. Crazy.

-Elder Staib

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