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Monday, August 27, 2012

Welcome Elder Mortenson

This past week has been showing Elder Mortensen around West Memphis. We're gonna really work on getting new investigators this next week, especially since it's bike week. A hurricane in the Gulf is said to make the next week pretty wet, so we'll see what happens.

Elder Mortensen is from northern Utah, near a small town called Hyrum. He loves snowmobiling and shooting. He worked at the This Is The Place monument as a maintenance guy, and knows how to handle horses and other such awesome things. We're quite the opposite of each other, but I know it'll be a good transfer.

Right now, at the top of our investigator list is a young family that's engaged to be married in September, or maybe October. In the near future, anyway. The man is a lyricist for a company in Memphis and the woman is going to cosmetology school. They're very friendly, and the lyricist even gave Elder Smith and me one of his songs right before Elder Smith left. He focuses his music on being uplifting and positive, as well as clean and Godly. He's had several incredible experiences in his life that turned him into a great Christian after having a hard life. It's tough to get an appointment with them, but we're working on it.

Well, I kinda got on the comptuers late, and I have to go. Hope ya'll have a good week! Good luck with school!

-Elder Staib

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