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Monday, September 3, 2012

We Survived Hurricane Isaac

Hey there peoples.
This past week, Hurricane Isaac swept through Louisiana and crawled up into Arkansas. It was a tropical depression by the time it got to West Memphis. 

We didn't get hit too bad. There were some thunderstorms that blew in and lasted an hour or two, forcing us to return to our apartment a bit early. We were on bike week this week, so we didn't have much of a choice. The coolest sight came from the storms last night. A low row of sweeping clouds were rolling along, while mountains of cumulonimbus clouds loomed directly above us. Silent lightning jumped between the gaps in the mountainous clouds, making incredible glows and arches of light. The majesty of God's creations at its finest. We're safe from the storms. Apparently, an area of the mission in northern Mississippi got hit with a tornado, but it didn't get too close to the missionaries there.
Strangely, we didn't have church yesterday. At all. When the counselors got to the church building, they found that the electricity and air conditioning were out, probably from the lightning storm the previous night. They called as many branch members as they could and cancelled church. First time that's ever happened to me. We just went home and studied for a few hours.
We're teaching a good part-member family -- well, a couple good part-member families -- and we're so happy for them since their new job schedule lets them come to church every week. We also helped another part-member family move this past week. Their new home compared to their old apartment is such a change. My jaw dropped when I entered it the first time. They're quadrupling their living space, which is awesome. They need it. Service. That's how Ammon got in with King Lamoni, right?
I've got a good district, a good companion, a good branch and a good mission. All we need are many new, good investigators! I understand that West Memphis is a more difficult area. Collierville was, as well. I'm truckin' along, doing the best with what I've got. 

I suspect I'll be here for a while. Just a hunch. That wouldn't be too bad because I share a birthday with a kid here that'll be turning 8! Elder Kowalk and I taught him the missionary lessons on his parent's request, so that was a fun experience. Plus, it'd be a bummer to get to a new area right before my birthday. Hey, and after this transfer, I will only be a week from hitting a year! CRAZY.
Anywho, I gotta get going. We've been invited to a Labor Day party with our branch mission leader. I expect good barbeque and some redneck horsin' 'round. I'll most likely have pictures. Talk to ya'll next week!
-Elder Staib

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