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Monday, September 17, 2012


Hey there everyone.
Today got off to a wet start. We've finally gotten a nice rain, which was desperately needed. 
We'll be on bike week this upcoming week. Another week of nothing truly dynamite. I'm honestly not sure what to expound on or talk about at the moment. Doors haven't been opening, and some people we normally contact often have been difficult to get a hold of. Sometimes I think to myself that this name tag is more of a repellent than a magnet. I know I represent Christ, and he was rejected a bunch, but gee whiz... Yup, missionary work is hard. I'll say it again.
The good pick-up is having a good district. I love the missionaries I have around me. They're great guys, and work really well. I'm in the same district as the missionaries serving smack-dab in the middle of Memphis, as well as the suburbs around it. We get to hear all sorts of fun stories. Memphis has the second-highest crime rate in the country behind Detroit, after all. 
We get to go across the bridge and play basketball with the Memphis missionaries about every Monday. On top of having a good district, I've got a good zone. I'm glad I can still see Elder Kowalk every now and then since he's still in my zone. He's going to be a trainer next transfer! This'll be his second time. As for me, I don't know if I'll be staying in West Memphis next transfer. Not that I'm doubtful, I just have no clue what this next transfer will be like.
I'm still growing spiritually! I'm turning into Jacob, with a faith unshaken. I know the church is true, but the problem is letting others know it's true, and having them know it themselves! 
Well, that's about all I've had on my mind for today. I'll catch ya'll next week!
-Elder Staib

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