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Monday, January 14, 2013

School's Back in Session and We're Busy

Hey there everyone.

It's been an interesting week, weather-wise. It was in the high 60s for a few days up until yesterday, where it dropped into the 40s in the afternoon, and then down to 20 last night. My wool sweater vest has been very handy.

Today is the first day of school at ASU [Arkansas State University]. It's incredibly busy. I'm so glad school has finally started, though. We've been helping a couple students move into their dorms. People are settling down so we can teach them once again. Emuobor is still doing great. He's being baptized on the 27th, along with a whole bunch of other people in Jonesboro. The 27th is going to be a great day for us!

Other people are coming along, too. Michael has been to the hospital recently for some blood problems, and he recently had some other problems as well. We're here for him, though, and with the school year starting, he'll be closer to us and we can see him more.

As for Troy...he hasn't come back to town yet. We're not sure when we'll see him, if ever. So pray he comes back around. He's ready for baptism. He just needs to be in Jonesboro to do it!

I'm doing pretty well. I haven't been in the brightest mood, but my hopes aren't gone out. Stephen Stannard got married, apparently. Congrats to him!

I hope everyone else is doing well for themselves. The gospel is such an important part of anyone's life. We need to revolve around it and make it a center of everything. Whatever we do, think, "Does this bring me closer or further away from God?" If we make sure all that we do is helping us get closer to God and His voice, then we have nothing to worry about in this life, right? He knows us. He'll take care of us. But we have to do our part, too, and keep God's commandments. You'll never go wrong that way.

-Elder Staib

I made this from the gift my family recently sent me: A Ton of "Spirit Bricks"

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