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Monday, January 28, 2013


Emuobor Ighodaye was baptized on January 26 and confirmed on January 27.

I performed both ordinances, which was sweet. Emuobor is very excited to be baptized and he's ready to progress and learn and do all sorts of cool things that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints do! We're gonna be right beside as he continues to read and pray.

He almost didn't make it to his confirmation since he'd lost his phone, which led to losing track of time. But we zipped to his place and grabbed him so that he could be confirmed at the end of the meeting.

So...what next? We really don't have many people we're actively teaching at the moment. It feels like we're chasing people down to talk to them. The Spanish Elders met Troy. He says his family won't let him come to church anymore, but he's still strong in the faith. We'll try to catch him in a couple weeks, I suppose. It's supposed to be a wet week this week, so we don't expect him to be walking around.

I've been sick. I don't have much of a voice today, and who knows how many times I've had to blow my runny nose. That's the same story in our missionary district, in our ward and in many other parts of the country. I'm on the rebound, though. Sickness has prevented some investigators from coming to church, too, so the conditions haven't been nice to anyone. It's in the 50s and 60s today, and it'll drop to the 40s by the weekend, which will probably prolong anyone's sickness. In short, we're not a healthy bunch.

We're expecting a great mission conference in February. The entire mission is going to flock to North Little Rock to participate and we're very excited about it. I love conferences because they're all about learning. And who doesn't love learning?

Pray that we'll get new investigators this week. We need to find new people for the upcoming transfer. Yup, transfers are next week. It's so crazy! I feel confident that I'm staying in Jonesboro, but you never know. I sure hope I can stay.

I hear Utah is still cold and snowy. Stay warm and safe, everyone!

-Elder Staib

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