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Monday, February 11, 2013

Pocahontas, Arkansas

Hey folks. I'm typing this from scenic Pocahontas, Arkansas. Population near 7,000. It's a very hilly area that reminds me of San Francisco. Right now all the trees are dead, but I bet when spring comes around it'll be a giant forest of green. Can't wait!

My companion is Elder Whetten. He's from Dallas, Texas. His parents are from Mexico. He's an MMA fighter. He's about the same height as me, though. He's very quiet, but bold in what he teaches. He likes to joke around as well. He goes home in April, so I've been given the task of seeing him off. He'll finish out strong, though. He's a magnificent worker.

We work with a senior missionary couple, the Musicks. They're awesome. Elder Musick told me on the way up to Pocahontas that the Pocahontas branch is 90% older folks, which makes everything pretty odd. It makes bringing younger people to church more difficult because they have no one to relate to, and all the younger families that WOULD come to church are less-active or inactive. I'm still trying to get a grasp of what exactly to do here, but for right now, the same goal to baptize is still the main objective.

We're baptizing a 9-year-old girl this weekend, and hopefully a husband, his wife and one of their sons two weeks after that. We're progressing. Oh, and we're on FULL CAR, so that's like... a missionary's dream.

Pray for the area that it'll be fruitful, and that the lukewarm people will choose to find answers and follow the gospel. Love y'all!

-Elder Staib    

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