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Monday, April 22, 2013

Elder Whetten Heads Home

Well, Elder Whetten's gone. Poofed. Away. I dropped him off at the temple an hour ago, and I also said farewell to the wonderful sisters that I went into the MTC with -- Sister Jensen, Sister Gladden and Sister Russell. I'll really miss all of them! Chances are high that I'll be put with a younger missionary. I'm not making any promises yet, though.

Elder and Sister Musick will be gone this week. They're going to their granddaughter's wedding in Provo. They said they'd try and pop by my house, time permitting. That'd be nice.

The Rasdons weren't at church yesterday, which made us very uneasy, but we found out it was because of a death in the family. This past week, we showed them the Gospel Library for smart phones, and since then, they've been awesome about reading their scriptures and viewing uplifting messages from our leaders. I also was able to download some conference videos from the Musick's computer so that I could share them with investigators.

Technology is such a blessing! We need to use it more for the right things. You can watch most of the videos from any Internet-browsing game console. We show people clips from Mormon Messages DVDs all the time. Family History has never been easier with the tools and resources the church provides. Honestly, we do NOT have any excuse why we shouldn't be touching a spiritual spark each day through the media we have at our fingertips. Read it, pray about it, apply it, share it.

On Monday we went fishing with Jay and Karen. We didn't catch anything, but anyone that knows me can imagine what I was doing as I waited for a bite on my line. I skipped rocks and picked up frogs and kept mostly to myself. It was a very peaceful P-Day, one that I hadn't had in a long while.

Later in the week we invited Jay to be baptized on May 18. He's going for it. Even though he has many "hold-ups" (they're all in his head, really), persuasion through God's word and helping Jay to see hope and goodness coming out of his righteous actions will steer him towards a course leading to eternal life. He likes to push hard on us with excuses; we push hard back, and it works. With Jay, I've learned to be more bold, because most of the time fluff don't make the cut.

I'm in Arlington for the next couple of days. Collierville is in the southeast corner of Memphis, and Arlington is in the northeast. It's also a very rich area, so it feels a bit like home.

It hit me today that I only have 4 transfers left. That is a HORRIBLE thought. Elder Whetten left me with many great habits, though, to push me as I get closer and closer to... that time when people go back to the mission home. Just gotta keep truckin'. The trees have finally gotten green, and there's life back in Arkansas. I've got another summer here. Thank goodness for mission cars...

-Elder Staib

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