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Monday, May 6, 2013

Drought in the Midst of Flooding

People, people, PLEASE.

Someone put some poison in the investigator pool, and we've only got a half-dozen fish left. We have to do some hardcore finding these next couple of weeks, because once we get the few people we DO have baptized, we're not going to be left with much of anything. But like...that's how it usually works, right? But I'm talking a serious teaching drought here. It just goes to show that sometimes people get more attached to missionaries than the gospel.

Ironically, the work is in a drought, but Pocahontas is pretty flooded. It's been raining nonstop since Thursday. I like rain myself, but no one else is very eager for the river rising and flooding nearby parks and other things. Today, Elder Talbert and I are going to explore Pocahontas' historic features and tourist attractions. It's gonna be fun!

Brianna has come with us to teach several lessons. She's so golden. Our baptismal dates are progressing along. Jay asked me to baptize him. I gladly accepted, and maybe I'll finally be able to fulfill my mission-long wish of baptizing someone in a river. That's about the coolest thing any missionary can do as far as a baptism goes. In my book, anyway. I'm so excited.

Elder Talbert and I work very well together. We both have horrible senses of humor (i.e. shallow jokes sprinkled throughout the day) so we keep each other entertained. We know how to see the light in the dark, or just brighten things up a bit when they get gray.

These next couple weeks are gonna be craaaaazy. Gladys Knight is coming to Memphis with her choir called Saints Unified Voices. They won a Grammy, they're so good. It's a huge missionary opportunity for our mission. Wherever SUV goes, the mission work in that area increases a bunch. Many members of our branch are bringing investigators and less-actives to the fireside event, so we hope and pray that we'll get some referrals after the fireside.

OH! We had stake conference yesterday. It was cool because it was broadcast from Salt Lake City. We got to hear from Elder Gay, Sister Wixom, Elder Robert D. Hales and President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. It was wonderful. They all spoke about strengthening the family and ourselves. Jay and his mom came, and I felt like it all was speaking directly to them. It was very good. The broadcast stretched the entire Eastern United States district of the world, which encompasses 64 stakes. I'll have to ask Levi what he thought about it.

That's about it in the news.

Congrats, Kristen, on your marriage! Happy Birthday, Ashley! I hit 19 months in 2 days! D:

-Elder Staib

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