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Monday, December 10, 2012

New Investigators!

Ok, gotta type REALLY FAST.

This was an excellent week. Last Sunday we got a referral from Salt Lake, and we followed up on it on Tuesday. Michael is an ASU student who's home for the holidays in Marked Tree, about 30 minutes south of us. He's interested in the church because of a girl he met 3 years ago who lives in Colorado. She's been helping answer his questions about the church and he has decided to investigate. He's a really nice guy, grew up Baptist, and is open to new religious ideas.

On Friday we set a baptismal date with Troy, the older man with a limp. His date is set for December 22. He knows Joesph Smith is a prophet, believes in the plan of salvation, and reads the Bible and the Book of Mormon every day. If that's not golden I dunno what is. Looks like a white Christmas here in Jonesboro!

On Saturday we had a ward Christmas party. The theme was to come dressed as if you were to go to Bethlehem. I used my pillowcase as a hat and tied a tie around it to keep it up. Elder Carter did likewise with some bed sheets. I toted around a stuffed camel and we were the life of the party. The camel's name is Li'l Abraham. Story behind that one later. Li'l Abe will accompany me for the rest of the mission.

Sunday was a good service. Didn't really have any investigators come, but they'll be there next week.

After church Elder Carter and I went to see a man who says he has researched Mormonism for 3 years. When I say research, I mean books and books and hours and hours of comparing and contrasting and looking into deep histories and all sorts of ridiculousness. We sat with him for two and a half hours while he went through page after page of "imperfections" with our religion. Elder Carter and I stood our ground, unshaken and firm. It was an intense meeting. Respect for each other on both sides grew, but it just goes to show that too much "knowledge" can overshadow faith and the Spirit.

We have a new investigator that recently moved from WEST MEMPHIS, so I'm excited to teach her and her family. Life is dandy and awesome.

I gotta get going, but I love y'all, and I'm grateful for your prayers and all that you do to encourage me to keep on keepin' on. Have a Happy Holidays!

-Elder Staib

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