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Monday, December 31, 2012


Well, time for another weekly update.

First off, WE HAD A WHITE CHRISTMAS. We were so happy! It didn't snow until about 7 pm on Christmas Day, but it came, and we got about 4 inches of snow by the morning. Snowmen, snowballs and sore limbs happened. It truly was a winter wonderland for us Western gentlefolk.

Christmas was great, too. Christmas Eve and Christmas combined for two days packed with laughed and enjoyment. We got together Christmas Eve morning at the church (since it was P-Day). The 6 of us -- being the 6 Jonesboro missionaries -- played games, exchanged small gifts and sported a rousing game of chocolate milk pong. I made it to the top as the pong champion. It was great. Christmas Eve dinner was incredibly delicious. We had it with the Louis family, Bro. Louis being a former bishop in Jonesboro. The dinner consisted of many dishes I would have expected my own mom to make, so I was very happy.

Christmas morning we spent with the Rougeau family. We had a large breakfast with them and joined them in opening gifts. I received a GPS, Swedish Fish, a miniature Preach My Gospel and a spankin'-awesome tie. Oh, and in the evening, Elder Carter presented me with INCREDIBLY SOFT PAJAMA PANTS. They're marvelous.

Ok. Onto other things. We had an awesome referral sent to our phone this past week. His name is Emuobor Ighodaye. Yeah, we just sat there looking at the phone wondering if there was a glitch in the system. But it turns out that's his name. He's from Nigeria! He was taught by missionaries before, and even brought over the Book of Mormon he was given back home. He wants to be a more active Christian and wants to take this path to come closer to God. He's very fun-loving. He loves a good laugh.

We're still waiting for our other progressing investigators to return home or get better from sicknesses. I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately myself, but it's nothing that'll keep me down. It's going to be a good month, though. We're foreseeing at least 2 baptisms, possibly 3. Good things are happening in Jonesboro, and as missionaries we are glad that the holiday season is finally coming to a close. People will get back into their routines, and life will be less hectic. And the work goes on.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Keep safe in the cold and in the ice. Pray that our baptisms are good to go, and that more people will be interested in hearing the gospel. Love y'all!

-Elder Staib

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