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Monday, June 10, 2013

Welcome Elder Mayberry!

Hey everyone!

I've got a new companion this time around. Well, kinda new. This is actually his second time serving in Pocahontas.

His name is Elder Mayberry from Arizona. He opened the Pocahontas area back in November with Elder Whetten and only stayed one transfer. President has sent him back to baptize. I pray we can accomplish that. He played high school football, baseball and basketball, so he's very competitive. It's been good getting him back into the area. He remembers a lot, knows some people he used to teach, and is getting to meet all the new people that have been baptized since he's been gone. He focuses a lot on sharing his testimony along with doctrine, and I feel sincerity when I'm with him. He just takes a few moments to open up to new folks, is all.

We've been spending a bit of time with the Rasdons and Ray and his mom. John, Jennifer and Creane are moving forward as well, but they've gotten very busy schedules recently that make our visits more scarce.

The summer's coming on. We went fishing with Ray today for a bit, because fishing is his favorite thing to possibly do. I didn't catch anything.

Recently, I've been contemplating a scripture that my mission president had me read not too long ago: Jacob 1. I've been slowly seeing how it applies more and more to my mission, and my goals have not become goals to build me up, but goals to build those around me up. I want to help Elder Mayberry have a baptism here, and I want my converts to progress in the gospel. I'll be honest, I need to make a few changes myself to truly see miracles take place, and I'll be striving to make those changes. For now, though, my goals are there, and my desire is there.

I don't have much to say this time around, I guess. Oh, Elder Talbert went to Paragould, right next door. So we're still in the same district.

-Elder Staib

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