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Monday, January 23, 2012

Transfer Week...

Hey everybody!

This week was emotionally straining. Transfers. My first time having to deal with a risk of being taken out of an area I really love. The results are in: I'm staying in Collierville, and Elder Fry is being transferred. I'm getting Elder Warren, who served in the next town over - Walnut Grove. Walnut Grove is being shut down for a transfer in preparation for Sisters. Elder Warren only has one transfer left on his mission, so I'll only be with him for 6 weeks. I guess that means I'll be here for at least 2 transfers? Unless they decide to whitewash the area... Anyway, Elder Warren's a fun guy. I'm excited to serve with him. Another bonus of the transfer is that we'll have the car full-time instead of every other week. Yessssssssss.

Elder Fry twisted his ankle on Saturday. We were helping someone move furniture in the morning, and he stepped off the moving truck badly. It wasn't bugging him too much until we played a game of basketball with some of the youth that evening, and then he put the final hurt on it after trying to block a layup. He's hopping around on one leg, and the ankle is really swollen. he'll be ok, according to the ward chiropractor. It's just a classic sprain, and should take 4-8 weeks to fully heal.

The ward exchange program is going great. Ward members are really looking forward to being with the missionaries, and hopefully they'll start bringing their friends in.

All our potentials and other investigators stand on the same step of the ladder they were on last week, but that WILL change this week. Somehow. BUT IT WILL.

Well, I gotta get going. I'll be sure to have lots of stories from my first week with Elder Warren. Good times and blessings await! We just gotta earn 'em. Love ya guys! Talk to y'all later!

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