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Monday, January 30, 2012

New Companion, New Wards to Serve!

Elder Fry is gone. Elder Warren is here. The Walnut Grove area (which is right next to Collierville) is being "shut down" until next transfers (March 7) where they will be getting Sisters. It's not being totally shut down, though. In fact, I now have more on my plate. 

Now Elder Warren and I cover Collierville First ward, Collierville Second ward, the Germantown ward, the Walnut Grove ward, and the singles ward. 5 wards for 2 missionaries to take care of. It'll only be that way for 6 weeks, and we're making it work. After that 6 weeks, I'll also be getting a new companion since Elder Warren will be going home. I expect to stay in Collierville for another transfer after this one. I'll be here at least as long as Elder Fry was -- 6 months.

On Wednesday last week, The mission leader for the 1st ward, Bro. Mortensen, asked Elder Warren and I, along with Bro. Tinker (who is the assistant ward mission leader) to teach a lesson to all the youth about preparing to serve a mission, as well as being a better missionary. We decided to split it up into 3 parts: I covered preparation, Warren covered being a better missionary, and Bro. Tinker talked about being a missionary after a mission. It went very well. I was very nervous, but I made it through.

My mom asked me what I normally do on P-Days. I guess I should cover that, because we've been doing the same thing for the last few weeks now. We get together with the youth in the church building and play basketball along with hide and go seek. We play around dusk, so the church gets extremely dark as the sun goes down. It's hard to play hide and go seek then! The youth are really happy that we do it, though. They come to us every Sunday and ask if we're still getting together Monday. It's fun to be with them.

Well, I'll wrap it up. We're planning to open up a new slew of possible investigators. We're putting that into action this week. Pray for our success! I love you guys! I'll have a picture of Elder Warren next week.

-Elder Staib

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