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Monday, January 9, 2012

We Had a Great Week

How was everyone's first week of 2012? Ours was pretty miraculous.

There are many, many less-active members in Mississippi, and a few of them tend to avoid the missionaries. We were able to see a few of those people this past week, and we let them know the church still cared about them. None of them came to church this past week, but... It was good to see them and know they're doing ok.

Our ward team-up program is picking up, too. 4 times a week, the members come out with us missionaries and we visit less-actives and other investigators. This hasn't just been good for the people we're teaching; the members are getting very excited to do missionary work, particularly the members in the 1st ward.

I've been pretty sick this past week. Just a cold. I've used more tissues than I could count, and I'm trying to sleep as well and as warm as I can.

I'm almost done with reading the Book of Mormon. Being out here, I've realized how much more I know about the gospel. Not just in knowledge, but in faith. I've found more hope and happiness through what I learn. It's brought a light into my life that I want to share with others here and back home.

My mission, in these short 3 months, has already been life-changing. But there's potential for more change to happen, for others and myself. I know that what I'm sharing leads to ultimate happiness, and that's where my hope for this world lies.

-Elder Staib

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