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Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow in Collierville

Heeeeeeeeeey everybody. This past week was kind of a blur, but I'll try to point out the big parts. I've been sick this past week, but it's calming down. The weather has been 50-60 degrees all week, except for 2 days where it dropped to the 20s. It snowed one of those days, and you can imagine how excited I was to see it.

On Tuesday, we tracted into a guy that was a very passionate Bible reader. He owns 12 different translations of the Bible. We got started talking with him, and it turned out to be a long, 3-hour conversation on the similarities and difference between our religion and his. I honestly don't know what his religion was since he was pulling ideas from 5 different denominations.

In the end, we asked him to read the Book of Mormon and pray. He said that man shouldn't pray to seek answers.

He also said we should be looking for people around us outside of the Mormon church to influence our lives and bring us to the light of Christ. This was the second time he had seen the missionaries. Who should be looking? He was a nice guy, though. Gave us some soda.

Many people from Mississippi have been going to the hospital lately, or been needing to. One man just got a knee replacement Tuesday, and we gave him a blessing of recovery on Saturday. Another man is going in for back surgery tomorrow, and we're giving him a blessing this afternoon. A woman is in the hospital for liver problems, and we got to see her in the hospital yesterday with a member of the bishopric.


Elder Fry was called last week to be a trainer again. One of us will be leaving Collierville, and it will most likely be me. Mail packages and letters to the mission home until I send you guys my new address. I'll be in a new area in two weeks with a new companion. I'll find out for sure next Monday if I'm leaving or not. There's still a possibility that Fry will be sent to whitewash a new area with his trainee, but I'm most likely leaving.

Ward basketball season has started up, and we've been bringing Caleb to play for our ward (the second ward). We've lost both our games so far, but it's been a good chance to get Caleb closer to the ward members. His family usually only stays for 2 blocks. We're really pushing him to stay for 3.

There's a family up in Oakland called the Stokes. Elder Arnold, Elder Fry and Bro. Pennington found Mrs.Stokes taming a roaming donkey in the middle of the road. She says that the moment she met them, she knew something was there for her to find. We're very excited to teach her. She's almost guaranteed to be baptized this year once we get a better idea of the work schedule for her and her husband.

Well, that's about it for me. Thank you for all the letters! And Happy Birthday, Grandma! Love you! Be safe in the cold weather, everyone!

-Elder Staib

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